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10th Nevsky International Ecological Congress Releases Business Programme

The 10th Nevsky International Ecological Congress has published the business programme for the event on its official website. The main theme of the Congress, which will be held on 25–26 May at Tavrichesky Palace in St. Petersburg, is ‘Ecology: A Right, Not a Privilege’.

The main goal of the Nevsky International Ecological Congress is to engage in a constructive dialogue and promote an international system of environmental safety. Per tradition, the Congress will be a major event for the entire environmental community and this year will bring together 900 delegates in person alone. Representatives of more than 40 countries have already confirmed they will attend the event.

The opening of the 10th Nevsky International Ecological Congress will be preceded by a Youth Day, which is being organized by the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs and the Rosatom State Corporation on 24 May at the Brusnitsyn cultural quarters.

On 25 May, the opening day of the Congress, roundtables held as part of the business programme will address such issues as reducing emissions, finding effective measures to combat climate change, developing digital environmental monitoring in Russia, national projects and programmes in eco-tourism, the conservation of water and forest resources, environmental research, the prevention of negative consequences from resource development in the Arctic and Antarctic, the development of a Russian market of organic products, and the promotion of a healthy lifestyle. One of the key discussions on the first day will be recycling and the development of a circular economy. A separate roundtable will be devoted to national environmental protection strategies and projects of the countries participating in the Congress and the harmonization of the environmental policy of CIS member states. The panel discussion ‘Humans and the Planet: Are We Compatible?’ will address measures to minimize risks to human health and for countries to build systems to protect the population against epidemics.

On 26 May, the Congress participants will discuss cooperation between the government and business on environmental issues and the green economy amidst pressure from sanctions, promising areas for international cooperation to preserve biological diversity, as well as measures and mechanisms to develop the green economy in Russia. One of the main focuses of the current environmental agenda is involving the younger generation in environmental culture, and a large section of the business programme on the second day of the Congress will be devoted to this topic. The event participants will discuss the development of environmental thinking, environmental responsibility, the creation of a system of continuous environmental education, and the involvement of young people in environmental projects.

The roundtable ‘Uniting the Efforts of the State and Business to Guarantee Environmental Wellbeing’ will take a look at Russia’s ambitious projects in ecology, business initiatives to promote sustainable development, and ways to develop state policy to encourage business to treat the environment in a responsible manner.

The key event of the Congress’s business programme will be the plenary session ‘Humans and the Planet: Are We Compatible?’, which will be moderated by Speaker of the Russian Federation Council and Chairwoman of the Council of the Interparliamentary Assembly of CIS Member Nations Valentina Matviyenko and Russian Deputy Prime Minister Viktoria Abramchenko.

During the 10th Nevsky International Ecological Congress, St. Petersburg will serve as a platform for the launch of several environmental campaigns. On 25 May, the first day of the Congress, student designers from St. Petersburg Stieglitz State Academy of Art and Design will present a show featuring a fashion collection of clothes made from recycled materials. The Green Van mobile recycling workshop will be parked outside Tavrichesky Palace to show a demonstration of the recycling process and hold training workshops. The premiere screening of the documentary film What Is a Circular Economy?filmed by Channel One with the support of the Russian Environmental Operator will be devoted to one of the biggest problems facing the plant – waste recycling.

On 26 May, the Congress will launch the ‘Clean Up After Yourself’ eco clean-up campaign in 50 regions of Russia. The Ekolyata movement will also present its projects, awards will be presented to the winners of the Russian competition for achievements in the development of organic products, an official ceremony will be held to cancel an anniversary stamp, trees will be planted in Tavrichesky Garden, and participants in eight Russian regions will join the environmental run ‘I Choose Clean Air’, which starts on 27 May in St. Petersburg.

The 10th Nevsky International Ecological Congress is being organized by the Russian government, the Russian Federation Council, the Interparliamentary Assembly of CIS Member Nations, and the Russian Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment. The Roscongress Foundation is in charge of preparing and holding the events.

For more, please visit the official website of the 10th Nevsky International Ecological Congress at

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