St. Petersburg, Tavrichesky Dvorets

Ecology of the planet - sustainable development


Nevsky International Ecological Congress

Held in St. Petersburg, the Nevsky International Ecological Congress has been a regular fixture since 2008. The event provides a unique platform for:


Key to sustainable development

  • Parliamentary cooperation on issues related to the environmental safety and harmonization of environmental law of the CIS Member-Nations and members of the Council of Europe
  • Building dialogue and sharing experience among representatives of government bodies, the business community, educational establishments, research organizations, and non-profits on issues related to making the economies of the CIS more eco-efficient
  • Promotion of law on environmental and natural resource management through legal promotion of resource and energy-efficient low-waste technologies, deep processing of raw materials and waste
  • Environmental awareness-raising and education, promotion of healthy life-styles
  • Formulating proposals on the international environmental policy agenda and environmental security framework through joint efforts with specialized agencies of the United Nations

In 2013, the Nevsky International Ecological Congress also hosted the inaugural International Agro-Environmental Forum.

Mission of the Congress:

Promotion of international environmental security framework.


Once every two years international congress.


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